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Londonderry, New Hampshire 2 comments

I am looking around to find a used snowmobile and found this guy in Hudson NH,

JC Motorsports.He is a gentleman and has some really top shelf stuff for reasonable cash.Check him out if your in the market for a good used sled.He stands behind everything he sells 100% and no B.S.

The address is 15 tolles Street Unit B This guy stocks around 10 -12 sleds at a time and is shown by appointment.

If you see his add on Craig s List check him out you won't be disappointed.Ive been looking around and there are a lot of fly by nighters out there and this guy is not.



if i remember correctly, 15 tolles st.is not zoned for any motorized business.

check with the town of hudson. in order for the owner of that property to allow that type of use he has to get a variance.

i was on the board of appeals then and remember this.will have to check into it


I bought a beautiful sled from Jim a couple of weeks ago, got a great deal on a really nice machine, I found him on gowantad.com and I see that he's got his website up and running now. I'm sold, take a look jcmotorsportsnh.com

JC motorsports hudson, nh. not a licenseed dealer

Boston, Massachusetts 16 comments

Be carefull, check with town of hudson nh.He is unlicenseed,and most likely not insured.He is reselling powersports ,without serviceing them.

Buy only from a licenseed dealer. Wouldnt be suprised if he is collecting unemployment in mass, i think he lives in mass. Proboly not paying taxes either. Good luck to you if you have a problem,like i did,he wont ansewer your phone call.

Runs ads on cl. shows pics. of mint stuff ,when you get to his shop in hudson, all his stuff looks like it belongs in the dump.

Sweet talker, promise you the world.BE CAREFULL!!!!

Review about: Unlicensed Dealer.



Hey Nate and Dave, calm down, I looked them up the guy that owns the comapny is named Jim. has anyone actually gone over to look at his stuff or is everyone just feeding off the 1st blog that seems like pure conjecture. I seee words like "I think" and "probably" but that's abut it, where's the meat and potatoes!


This is a joke.Free speach, yea ok buddy.

Calling names makes you seem real smart. Is this how you run your company? Than I can see why people have such bad things to say about you on this form.

Calling people idiots and replying to evey person who has something bad to say about you and or your company.Good luck


Nate, an ***, must be one. Guess he doesn't believe in free speach!


Bill must be the owner. This section is for the pissed consumer not the happy "he has awsome stuff in his bay go check them out" All the positive reply's must be himself responding to all his negitive feedback. good luck to them.


I went over to look, he's got a bay full of nice toys for sale, the doubters should go over and see for themselves. If you haven't gone over why are you commenting on it, just my thoughts.


Sounds like whoever this dealer / not dealer is, must be writing his own adds to stick up for his company.I do not think people would write a good review for someone in this section.

I do not even know this person or the situation, just sounds like the person is sticking up for himslef.Just my thoughts.


I can't belive that the person doing the complaining ever actually went to JC Motorsports.I found him on Wantadd.com, he had some pictures of some nice looking snowmobiles.

I called him up, made an appointment to go over and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of what he had in stock.

Look him up, call him up and go over, he's got quite a nice supply of sweet sleds.By the way, he showed me his license to operate, insurance paperwork and other documentation that showed he is in fact in business so go over and check him out, it's worth the call.


The person should not be scared. Once Uncle sam knows about this so called shady company I am sure something will happen.


Where is this person located?Do they have a web page?

A phone Number?

An address?Would like to see some of the stuff that the person says should be in the dumpster.


Craigslist is the worst of worst of places to do any businees, nothing but a bunch of wantabees and crybabies that think they can get something for nothing. Craigslist is full of scams and loosers.


It is too bad 1 person has to be so jealous.Just because you sit at home all day collecting from the state doesn't mean this person is.

I wish people like this would leave contact information if this is was the truth.Would like to hear from them, anyone can post what they want on this page.


JC Motorsports is a legit business.People need to do research before they start talking ***.

You cant have a registered business in one state and collect unemployment in another. Great quality products and about posting ads on cl who cares thats a place majority of people look for products. Most ads are done through cl.

Big time car dealerships put ads on cl.So i dont get that.


Let me see if I get what you are trying to say through the 20+ spelling and punctuation errors. (Nice job by the way, your elementary teachers must be proud.)

1. Unlicensed and probably uninsured?

In order to lease a building in the State of New Hampshire, you must file applications for your type of business with the town clerk and obtain the proper permits for occupancy. So the unlicensed part is not true. Uninsured? Pure speculation.

2. Wouldn't be surprised if he is collecting unemployment and probably not paying taxes. Pretty strong accusations and once again, pure speculation

3. Shows pictures of mint stuff but when you get to his shop his stuff looks like it belongs in the dump. Yet, you purchased something from him and he isn't answering your phone calls because you have a problem.

I'm sure he has a nice inventory of mint items he uses only for photo purposes and then switches them for items that belong in the dump when his customers come to his shop.

The only thing that may be a consumer complaint if you even did purchase anything from him is that he won't answer your calls and you have a problem with what you purchased. Everything else is nothing but pure speculation. Since you've been to his shop, there shouldn't be any problem communicating with him if even though you may have to go for a ride to do so.

If JC Motorsports knows who you are, I hope they hire a lawyer and sue you for deformation of character.


I stopped at his shop in Hudson NH looking for a used machine.All of his stuff is top shelf.I checked with the town he is licensed and Ive talked with a couple of customers of his that were completely satisfied.This young man is a gentleman and it looks to me as though there are some false allegations on this site.


ya i too see his ads on cl. thanks for the info.another fly by night, mickeymouse,wantabe dealer. wonder if unclesam is getting his share of taxes?


i see his adds on cl. thanks,wont do bussiness with him

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